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Custom Headers & Exhaust

Our attention to detail when designing and fabricating custom headers and exhaust systems is among the best in the industry. See for yourself, then contact us to have us do yours.

lg_pic12 lg_pic11 lg_pic10 lg_pic8 Custom Headers lg_pic6 lg_pic5 lg_pic4 headers-13-big headers-12-big headers-11-big headers-10-big headers-9-big headers-8-big headers-7-big headers-6-big headers-5-big headers-4-big headers-3-big headers-1-big Our standard sand rail header system for rear engine LS series engines. Custom turbo charged subaru exhaust system for a sandrail. Custom set of headers for off-road race car or prerunner. We can also do production quantities if requested. Custom build sand rail set before finish welding and polishing. Custom sand rail headers using our standard mufflers. Custom sand rail headers using the Borla mufflers. ArrowLane Custom Headers with V-Band Flanges